Bright Caps survey markers

Our quality and durability are the best available

Bright Caps provide permanent identification of rebar and pipes. These durable plastic survey markers offer many advantages:

  • 9 bright colors available
  • Recessed letters for easy registration reading
  • Ultraviolet protection added for better weatherability and less color fading
  • More characters available -- space for phone numbers, etc. More information on lettering page
  • Type can be curved around the perimeter as well as straight
  • Minimum order is only 200 pieces

All these features and remarkably low, factory-direct prices, too. Satisfaction guaranteed. Dealer inquiries are welcome.

Hot stamped markers

Hot-stamped lettering is recessed into the surface and in black (H-series) or clear (C-series). Also, stamped lettering can be done only in two straight rows; circular lettering is not available.

Two lines of stamped, flat lettering are available in these sizes:

375 - maximum 7 characters or spaces per line

500 - 9 characters or spaces per line

625 - 12 characters or spaces per line

750 - 13 characters or spaces per line

Hot-stamped caps are available with tapered shanks for pipes or rebar.

Minimum order quantity and colors are the same as our other caps, except that we can't stamp black caps.

Black stamped markers


Black letter hot stamping for pipe or rebar. Their tapered shanks allow them to be driven into the ends of pipe as well fit over rebar.

BrightCaps plastic survey markers

Clear stamped markers


Our C-series clear letter markers are the same as our black hot stamped (H-series) markers, except that the lettering is the same color as the cap. The clear letters are recessed into the surface.

Letter counts are the same as H-series. Lettering is available in two straight lines only.


Disc identification markers


BrightCaps plastic survey markers

Screw it ... tie it ... nail it

For job identification, survey markers and even advertising giveaways. Raised lettering. Available only for previously produced artwork only.