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Nov 19, 2019

Important changes effective Dec. 1, 2012

Due to changes in availability of engraving from our suppliers, Bright Caps has been forced to discontiue setting up new raised-letter molds. We will continue to produce reorders of existing designs without any changes, but cannot prepare new or changed lettering or artwork for raised letter styles only.

Also, the RB styles with straight shanks to fit over rebar have been discontinued. Our regular styles with tapered shanks are designed to either fit over rebar or inside the end of pipe. Reorders that previously were RB style will now be produced as S series caps.

Bright Caps provide permanent identification of rebar and pipes. These durable plastic survey markers offer many advantages:

  • 11 colors available
  • Raised letters for easy registration reading
  • Ultraviolet protection added for better weatherability and less color fading
  • More characters available -- space for phone numbers, etc.
  • Your logo can be imprinted
  • Type can be curved around the perimeter as well as straight
  • 24-hour turnaround is normal in our plant
  • Minimum order is only 200 pieces

All these features and remarkably low, factory-direct prices, too. Satisfaction guaranteed. Dealer inquiries are welcome.

Request a free sample of a Bright Cap marker sent directly to you.

Our high speed equipment can meet your needs for large or small orders.

Our raised type can take the pounding and remain like new.